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Annette Schwarz is a hardcore porn performer from Germany specializing in various extreme niches. She was born in 1984 in a small village close to the French border. Growing up, she had dreams about becoming famous, so decided to move out and begin her life at an earlier age than most girls. Annette moved to Munich and took a job as a nurse. While at this job, she learned how to be independent from her parents and also began experimenting with her sexuality, but she quickly realized nursing wasn't her true calling. Her passion was sex, lots and lots of sex. She wanted to have as much sex as possible, with as many men and women as she could find. She also realized that the only place she could fulfill those desires was in the porn industry. At age 18, she contacted a porn production company and her XXX career began. She worked exclusively for John Thompson’s GGG and 666 movies before moving on to other producers a few years later. Annette Schwarz is as nasty as a girl can get. With her insatiable appetite for sex and her 5 foot 11 inch frame, she is a porn performer who pretty much always says YES! She has all of the stamina and dedication to withstand the most intense scenes and her wild can-do attitude makes her the ultimate porn performer for anyone with alternative dreams or really extreme XXX tube video desires.... Читать дальше



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