Phoenix Marie

Биография Phoenix Marie

When Phoenix Marie was born in September of 1981 nobody could have known that one day she would become a pornstar, Penthouse Pet and self-proclaimed " big fucking dork loves anal." It has been a long and winding road for the blonde hardcore cocksocket who now resides in Los Angeles, California and goes by the names Phoenix Marie or Phoenix Marizzle interchangeably. Strong Italian ancestry, a bodacious bubble butt and a beautiful 34DD-26-38 body make her one of the most attractive women ever to choose fucking on film as a career option. Phoenix was born in Arizona and her stage name choice comes from an attachment to Phoenix Arizona. At 5' 9 she is one of the taller pornstars being fucked on film today and in interviews published online she has expressed the opinion that her tall height and long legs contribute to her ability to accept huge cocks straight up her ass, though hard science has yet to show any correlation between the height of a woman and the elasticity of her asshole. Cowgirl Anal, riding on top of her costar and controlling his dick as it slides all the way up her ass is her favorite position, though she has said that rough anal sex pressed up against a wall is definitely a close second on her fantasy list.... Читать дальше



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