Dylan Ryder

Биография Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder was born in the winter of 1981 and raised in California. While growing up Dylan became a competitive swimmer and an amateur mainstream model doing local advertising work and appearing in ads for a number of products. Unlike many of her pornstar contemporaries, Dylan Ryder has lead a relatively squeaky clean life and remains close with her family. Dylan doesn't smoke, has never had a tattoo or a body piercing other than her ears. Her strict Italian and German parents raised her to avoid such things. Still her 5' 9 beautiful body and natural eroticism attracted plenty of attention in her teens. At 18 years of age, Dylan Ryder became a nursing student and worked her way up the ranks to eventually become a substance abuse treatment counselor, helping many people struggling with all forms of addiction to overcome the cycle of dependency and regain control of their lives. Still, something was lacking in her life. While Dylan Ryder was happy enough helping people, she also craved the kind of excitement and attention that bad girls get by showing off their beautiful bodies.... Читать дальше



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