Katie Morgan

Биография Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan was born in March of 1980 in the affluent suburbs of Orange County, California. From 2001 to 2010 she released more than 250 feature length porn films and starred in many online scenes as well. Then her career took a turn toward mainstream and she has continued to gain popularity as a radio host, Hollywood actress and celebrity personality ever since.... but it didn't all begin with such an optimistic start for Ms. Morgan. While many new pornstars come from a life of struggling to make it with a squeaky clean mainstream career in retail or some other low wage job, Katie Morgan actually got into porn because she was out on bail after being charged in the year 2000 with transporting 100 pounds of marijuana across the Mexican-American border and needed money for her legal defense fund. The legal issues surrounding Ms. Morgan caused her to take a four month break from the skin biz, but after serving time she came right back to smut because she enjoys it so much. "I love it. I had fun, went to jail for four months and came right back for more.... Читать дальше



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