Eve Laurence

Биография Eve Laurence

Eve Laurence is a Maryland native who was born in October of 1985. She began modeling at the age of 18. It wasn’t long before she launched her career in adult entertainment, starring in at least 100 titles before she even turned 20. Some of her earliest titles include “Ass Worship 9,” “Harlequin” and “Deep Throat This 19.” She also worked for several major online porn sites and eventually landed a role in Vivid Entertainment’s big budget parody porn film “Star Wars XXX.” Her background is a mix of English, Irish, German and Native American descent. She remains good friends with her one-time roommate and fellow pornstar Eva Angelina. In 2006, Eve performed her first anal scene for Jules Jordan’s “Ass Worship 9” before deciding to leave the adult industry and move back home. She lead a 'normal life' and tried to pursue her education in the arts. Eve Laurence intended to eventually go to law school to study real estate law. However, she worked in a retail store and as a receptionist, before realizing that she missed the adult industry, especially performing on camera.... Читать дальше



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