Ava Devine

Биография Ava Devine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Ava Devine was born in January of 1974 and has gone on to become one of the best known Asian pornstars of all time. In fact, her ethnicity is the perfect mix of Chinese, Italian and Spanish ancestry - giving Ava the best traits from each. She's got the soft Asian hair and exotic eyes, perfect Italian skin and the fiery sexual aura of a Latina pornstar all rolled into one hardcore package for fans. According to some published reports Ava Devine began her sex career illegally as an 18 year old call girl. Unlike other stars who have allegedly gone from porn video super stardom to the world of high priced escorting, Ava apparently took the reverse route from local whore to xxx fame. She is quoted in an online interview claiming that the experience helped her evolve her signature style for on screen fucking: "by the time I got into porn nothing was new or taboo or scary. They weren't even doing half the things I did as an escort. I was like, what? I'm only getting half of what they were earning to do twice as much.... Читать дальше



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