Cody Lane

Биография Cody Lane

Cody Lane is a South Eastern beauty who was born in November of 1986. She was raised in Lowell, a small town near Louisville, Kentucky. She has midnight black hair and sparkling hazel eyes, but she is best known for her smirk and quirky facial expressions filmed while she is getting fucked! With a beautiful body measuring in at a natural 36C-25-35 and standing five feet, four inches tall. Cody loved growing up in a small town because the people there were so nice and because, she says, the town had amazing food. Even though she loves her small towns roots, a lack of career opportunities in the area eventually caused her to move out west in search of fame and greater fortune. When she turned eighteen years old Cody Lane took a few freelance jobs dancing at low rent strip clubs in her home town and made a few bucks, before betting on herself by parlaying that cash into the money she needed to reach California and begin strutting her sexy ass out on the stage of much bigger clubs capable of providing a whole lot more money for her lap-dance abilities to earn.... Читать дальше



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