Brianna Banks

Биография Brianna Banks

Pornstars are gorgeous girls who love sex and are willing to show you everything in xxx action, but very few adult film stars actually have what it takes to be mainstream covergirls and fashion models. Among that rare set of starlets you'll find Brianna Banks, the daughter of a German father and an American mother. She was originally born in Germany before her family moved to Britain while she was a student and then to Simi Valley outside of Los Angeles while she was growing up. Few pornstars have the unbelievable beauty and naught on screen demeanor of Ms. Banks but her road to porn stardom was very bumpy before it became legendary. Brianna has been estranged from her most of her family since her teens. In fact, she fought a lengthy court battle to become emancipated from her father and eventually won a custody battle to become the legal guardian over her sister. It was not an easy road and growing up left deep emotional scars on Brianna which she has worked to overcome throughout her life.... Читать дальше



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