Naomi Russel

Биография Naomi Russel

Known for her tight body and curvaceous bottom, it’s hard to miss the striking beauty of adult performer Naomi Russell, who was active in the adult industry form 2005-2009. But in her short four-year career, she has made a name for herself and has made quite an impact with her free spirit and can-do attitude. Russell was born in September of 1983 in Los Angeles, was raised in a Jewish household and home-schooled until she was a teen. She is open minded and was always taught to think outside the box. For a while, she tried to follow the straight and narrow path, working in a law firm and as a medical assistant in the evenings. She also was married for a short time, but all of this proved too stressful for the free-spirited Russell, who ended up taking a break from the constant demands and divorced her husband after four years of marriage. As a way to relieve her stress and add some excitement to her life, Naomi Russell decided to enter the adult entertainment industry at the age of 22, where her unique looks and Israeli, Slovakian background opened a plethora of doors and opportunities.... Читать дальше



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