Michelle Barratt

Биография Michelle Barratt

Naturally blonde and gorgeous, Michelle Barratt is a porn performer from Sheffield, England with a knockout body and face pretty enough to one day become a mainstream modeling covergirl. She also has a degree in accounting and is happily married. which makes her an unusual pornstar in many ways. Raised in a strict religious family where sexuality was frowned upon, Michelle started off modeling for various mainstream companies. Her photos were published in a few magazines and puzzle books, but even though she was working regularly as a model, she didn’t feel satisfied with the U.K. fashion scene. One day, the man she was dating took out his camera and began taking pictures of her posing nude. She had a great time posing for the camera and had a lot of fun, not to mention that the pictures turned out great. They posted the nude photos of Michelle Barratt online using the name Michelle B. to see what kind of response they would get. One thing led to another, and before she knew it, she was posing for a variety of different porn sites.... Читать дальше



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