Daisy Marie

Биография Daisy Marie

Daisy Marie is one of the most stunning Latina beauties in porn history, with her gorgeous brown hair, piercing eyes and exotic Mexican-American looks. Her 36B natural tits actually look rather big because of her slender 5'4" frame. She also adds an edge to her look with multiple piercings across her body. At 27 years old, Daisy Marie has gine by many different pornstar stage names over the years; from Marie to Brittania, but she will always be best known under the Daisy Marie moniker she uses most. Born in Salem, Oregon during the winter of 1984. Daisy spent her formative years in the Los Angeles area. She also visited Zacatecas, Mexico often, where some of her family resided. Daisy Marie's entrance in to porn was rather hasty after her eighteenth birthday. She had some bikini modeling experience, but ended up getting connected to an adult film agent and once she reached that special 18th birthday, she was in the porn industry just one day later! Daisy Marie originally entered the porn industry in 2002 with a good impression from her early softcore work and a burning desire to do more.... Читать дальше



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