Carmella Bing

Биография Carmella Bing

Just by one quick glance, you can immediately tell that exotic beauty Carmella Bing is no ordinary adult entertainer. She exudes sexuality and her stunning features, including her dark flowing hair and sultry eyes accentuate her allure. She was born in Salem, Oregon in October of 1981. Her looks can be traced back to her diverse heritage, which is made up of a mix of backgrounds including Italian, Hawaiian and Tahitian. Carmella Bing’s father left the family shortly after she was born. Growing up, she found herself craving the attention of men and described herself as a slut who has grown up into a nymphomaniac. After turning 18, Bing attended Portland State College. She then allegedly decided to become an escort and began erotic dancing to satisfy her need for attention. In 2004, Carmella Bing moved to Las Vegas at the age of 21 and also began working bachelor parties. She enjoyed partying with guys, having fun and getting paid for it. Shortly after that, she began gaining a lot of weight, but after several months, she was able to lose the extra pounds.... Читать дальше



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