Rebecca Linares

Биография Rebecca Linares

Rebeca Linares is a Spanish pornographic actress born in June of 1983. She chose the stage-name Rebeca because it was short and memorable according to her agent. Rebeca is originally from San Sebastián, the Basque area in Spain, but she does not speak Basque and lived most of her life in Barcelona where she learned to speak Catalan and Spanish. Though she was interested in becoming a pornstar for as long as she can remember, Rebeca Linares didn't actually get her start in xxx films until she was already 22 years old when she began appearing in adult movies that were filmed in Span during 2005. Rebeca had a close friend who introduced her to leading male porn performer Nacho Vidal and while Rebeca started fucking him almost immediately it was a while before Nacho began using his connection to put her pussy up on the big screen for fans. Spain has a notoriously small indigenous porn filming community so there was never much work, even for a top shelf slut like Rebeca Linares. To expand her sexual horizons and broaden her fan base Rebeca began traveling extensively throughout Europe in search of more hardcore roles.... Читать дальше



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