Lisa Ann

Биография Lisa Ann

When big tits pornstar Lisa Ann was born in Pennsylvania nobody could have had any idea that she would one day grow up to become the most popular pornstar on the planet. She was a shy girl, and a bit of a tom-boy - always athletic and much more comfortable hanging out with boys on the ball field rather than playing dolls with other girls. That may be where she gets her aggressive personality and sexual passion to this day. The intensity and athletic prowess she displays in her films is all real, pure and natural. When the HD video cameras are rolling you simply can't fake the kind of excitement that shows up in her eyes any time a well-hung costar climbs between those famous thighs to fuck her. Lisa Ann began erotic dancing in the early 1990s as an easy way to pay her way through school. She was in college at the time and found strutting naked in front of strangers to be a whole lot easier than the other jobs available to a coed in a blue-collar town. At first she had no intention of making adult entertainment a permanent career and she always took her studies seriously.... Читать дальше



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