Audrey Hollander

Биография Audrey Hollander

Unlike some other porn performers, redheaded beauty Audrey Hollander doesn’t hide the fact that she’s an adult actress. In fact, she has made her porn career into a family affair, performing right alongside her husband, Otto Bauer, while making them a true adult films power couple. Audrey Hollander was born in Alexandria, Virginia in November of 1979 and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. She entered the adult industry at the age of 24 and was very active between 2003-2011. She met her husband Otto Bauer while on vacation in Florida with some friends. They met at a sidewalk café in South Beach and it was love at first site for them both. He proposed right away and she impulsively said yes. When they met, Bauer had already been active in the porn industry in New York City, shooting several scenes for Candida Royalle, Pleasure Productions, Rick Savage and others under the name Eric Jeter. After the two came back to the Big Apple, he suggested that they start doing scenes together. Because of her liberal attitude, she was excited about the idea of appearing on film, so she agreed and they began practicing their scenes from their own amateur bedroom.... Читать дальше



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