Katja Kassin

Биография Katja Kassin

Playful and fun, Katja Kassin is a pornstar born in Leipzig, Germany during 1979. She attended college and worked as a waitress back home before getting fucked on film in Germany at 24 years of age. Her plan was to shoot porn in the U.S. eventually, but she wanted to see if she liked it first and luckily for XXX sex film fans Katja was hooked on cumshots in front of the cameras! Katja Kassin found it easy shooting her very first scene because she did modeling work for three years for many websites so she immediately felt comfortable in front of the camera. She worked mainly on solo photo shoots and soft core projects before getting in adult movies. When she decided to become a pornstar, Katja Kassin didn’t ask anyone’s opinion, especially her family. She just told them one day about her decision and wasn’t concerned about their reaction. Katja felt she was old enough to make her own decisions and that she could live her life the way she wanted. It was tough for her family at first, but her mother later understood that she was pursuing a real career and that she was a professional.... Читать дальше



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