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Eva Angelina was born in the late winter of 1985 in Southern California’s Orange County. It’s been reported that Eva spent the first 13 years of her life enjoying life’s luxuries. She was raised in one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation and went to a prestigious school. Allegedly her parents were very well off until an incident occurred with her father’s business while she was a teen. The family lost everything and Eva found herself quickly living in near-poverty conditions. She started to rebel and her hot-headed temper often got her into fist fights, mostly with girls from school. According to online reports she was arrested several times but never charged. At the age of 18 Eva Angelina realized she was on her own with no support so she answered an ad in the local newspaper looking for female talent. Eva always had a secret desire to become a pornstar and answering the ad might be her lucky break. Eva confesses shortly before she started porn she slept with over 50 men and the idea of getting paid to have fun with guys was more than appealing.... Читать дальше



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