Audrey Bitoni

Биография Audrey Bitoni

Audrey Bitoni was born in 1986 in the Southern California city of Pasadena. Her parents are Italian and German. She spent most of her youth in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Audrey attended Arizona State University and obtained a BA in Communications. While in college Audrey went to a Playboy modeling call for their College Special Edition. Audrey was a hit right away and she made the cover of the 2004 Edition. After that she did a bit of nude modeling but stayed in school until she obtained her degree. Audrey stands 5' 4 inches tall and has a petite frame with voluptuous big tits. She had her tits enlarged before entering adult but in 2009 decided to increase the size from a 34D cup to a 34 DD cup. She felt it balanced out her body and made her feel very sexy. Audrey’s curvy figure, perfect skin and exotic face made her very popular in the industry right from day one. In 2006, Audrey and her roommate sent their photos and applications to LA Direct Models, one of the largest adult film star agencies in the United States.... Читать дальше



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