Amy Reid

Биография Amy Reid

Amy Reid was actually Born in Germany as an army brat but her parents were relocated to a base in southern California, so she grew up almost entirely within the United States. As she explained in her Xcitement interview "I am half French Creole, so I am naturally olive. So I always have skin that is pretty dark. But if I go in the sun I am really dark. The other half is German." Aside from her sun kissed skin, Amy Reid is known for having one of the absolutely best all natural bodies ever to appear in adult films. Her 34DD big natural tits are among the finest ever filmed and the fact that she has a tiny 23 inch waist with a bodacious 35 inch ass gives us proportions that are only found on animated stars usually. The other-worldly dimensions can best be summed up by the fact that even though Amy is 5 feet 7 inches tall, she weighs just under 108 pounds. Tall enough to be leggy, skinny enough to be petite and pretty enough to entice just about any porn fan regardless of your specific desires.... Читать дальше



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