Penny Flame

Биография Penny Flame

A self-described nymphomaniac, Penny Flame, with her all-American good looks, was an adult performer and porn director who has starred in more than 370 titles during her XXX career. Born a Pisces in February of 1983 in Aurora, Colorado and raised in Oakland, California, Ms. Flame began her adult career at the age of 19. She was active in the adult entertainment business from 2002 to 2009 and came up with the name Penny Flame because of the Beatles song “Penny Lane.” Penny said in an interview online that stayed in the adult industry because it allowed her to work about three days during the week, while making a decent amount of money. It all started In 2001, while attending San Diego State University, Penny Flame wanted to focus on her studies instead of worrying about paying her bills and having to work at a job that paid minimum wage. So, she answered an ad in a San Diego paper and shortly after, landed an interview. That’s when she got her first taste of porn film sex. The first experience proved to be easy, and surprisingly fun thanks to the producer who told her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do, words that changed her life forever.... Читать дальше



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