Биография Cytherea

Born in September of 1981 in Salt Lake City, Utah, brunette beauty Cytheria is a porn performer who is known for her squirting skills. She chose the name Cytheria because it means Goddess of love and beauty, synonymous with Aphrodite in Greek mythology. She is of Hispanic, Caucasian and Creek Indian descent. Even though her stunning looks make heads turn today, it wasn’t that way while she was growing up according to her interviews. Raised by a poor single mother, Cytherea had a difficult time in her early years and didn’t get along well with others in school. She describes herself as being a real dork in school, where she was often times teased because of her awkward pink glasses. Her mother, who allegedly called her an ugly duckling who would eventually grow into a beautiful girl, got remarried and Cytheria became a part of a larger family with three sisters and one brother. Cytherea’s life changed dramatically when her older sister enrolled in her school and defender her against the people who called her names.... Читать дальше



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