Bree Olson

Биография Bree Olson

Bree Olson was born in Texas but has always considered herself an Indiana girl. She grew up in Woodburn Indiana and still maintains much of her small town charm to this day even though she splits her time with the glitz and glamour of tinsel-town Los Angeles. Her Country farm girl good looks and innocent eyes are adored by millions of fans and twitter followers, which is an interesting contrast to the close circle of family and friends she surrounds herself with when she is away from the studio. Balancing the notoriety of being a true pornstar while staying true to her own core values is a challenge she does not take lightly. Very few female performers have reached the top of the xxx industry as quickly and suddenly as Bree Olson, thanks in large part to her celebrity relationship with Hollywood bad-boy Charlie Sheen who refers to Ms. Olson as one of his goddesses. According to several published reports, Bree Olson is of Ukrainian descent. Her personal hero is her own grandmother because dyring World War II she survived living in a concentration camp and managed to keep her passion for life and optimism even after that experience.... Читать дальше



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