Jasmine Byrne

Биография Jasmine Byrne

Jasmine Byrne is a Latino pornstar born during January of 1985 in Riverside, California. She is one of nine siblings in her family. Her mom is from Mexico and her dad is an American-Mexican from Los Angeles. Jasmine Byrne has said she feels that Mexican women love sex and are a natural fit for porn. For as long as she can remember, Jasmine Byrne had been curious about sex and enjoyed watching porn. One of her fantasies was becoming a major pornstar. Jasmine Byrne was extremely athletic and played a number of varsity sports in school including softball, basketball and soccer. As an 18 and 19 year old athlete, she was tough, but she allegedly loved sex so much that she would get fucked four or five times a day - often by more than one guy. She also worked in several retail shops and customer service at a clothing store, before taking a job in a hardware store and eventually being a waitress for a while. In 2004, her dream to become a pornstar was realized when Jasmine Byrne answered an ad in the local paper for an adult modeling casting call.... Читать дальше



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