Dani Woodward

Биография Dani Woodward

Dani Woodward is a fun-loving pornstar who comes to the world of smut from Detroit, Michigan. She was born in 1981 and her all-natural measurements are 34B-26-34. Standing 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 121 pounds, Dani has long wavy red hair and smoldering green sexy eyes. With her spunky, outgoing personality and all-natural body, Dani Woodward had all the attributes to become one of the top pornstars in the world physically, but it took her some time to develop the aggressive on-screen persona that would eventually allow her to reach her full XXX potential in hardcore sex films. Unlike other pornstars, Dani Woodward took her time getting into the porn industry. Growing up, Dani was not very sexual, though she did date a guy in high school for two years, but like all things in life, the relationship eventually ended. After graduating high school, she went to a vocational school to become a medical assistant. She worked hard at the job for a while, doing x-rays and performing other medical duties, but she soon came to realize that the job wasn’t fulfilling her desires and the horizon for her career didn't allow for travel, excitement and the lifestyle she really wanted to lead.... Читать дальше



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