Vanessa Lane

Биография Vanessa Lane

Born in New York in 1983, porn performer Vanessa Lane has long playful hair and big beautiful green eyes, which add to her sexual allure. She grew up with four brothers in a conservative household, where only Christian or country music was allowed to be played. They lived a modest rural life. Her parents were attentive, supportive and encouraged her participation in school activities like choir, theater and sports. Early on, Vanessa seemed to excel at sports. She was extremely athletic and kept her body in shape by playing several sports including wrestling, track, cross country and she even tried cheer-leading for one year. Vanessa Lane knew everyone in her neighborhood and had a lot of friends. Growing up in the country, there wasn’t much to do, so they would stay busy rolling down hills in tires and barrels in the summer and they would make snow forts in the winter. The trampoline in their backyard was a popular hangout for everyone in the neighborhood. Vanessa would also go on hikes, where they would make mud sculptures and play dodge the crab-apples.... Читать дальше



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