Whitney Stevens

Биография Whitney Stevens

With the help and encouragement of her older half-sister, pornstar Britney Stevens, Whitney Stevens entered the adult industry at the age of 18. Whitney Stevens was born in Panama and raised in Palm Springs, California. She has been active in the adult industry since 2006 and has appeared in nearly 180 adult films. Whitney’s sister, Britney, met a guy who introduced them to an agent and Whitney’s career took off soon after that. it didn’t hurt that she is endowed with voluptuous round 36DD natural tits and has all-American girl-next-door good looks. When her breasts began to grow she didn’t like them at first, but then she got used to them and learned to love them. After she entered the adult industry, she learned to love them even more because she got a lot of work thanks to her big tits. For her first scene in 2006, Whitney Stevens got a helping hand from her sister when they shot an interracial scene together in the feature film “I Was Tight Yesterday #5.” Since that first scene, the two have shot dozens of scenes together, but they don’t have sex with each other.... Читать дальше



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