Trina Michaels

Биография Trina Michaels

Trina Michaels is a sexy semi-retired porn performer who was born in San Francisco in January of 1983. Raised by fairly conservative parents, she grew up in a conservative environment and was shy in school, often wearing baggy clothing to hide her body. She was hardly the social butterfly, but that all changed during her senior year when she met her high school sweetheart while working at a JC Penny department store and he introduced her to a whole new world. At the age of 18, Trina actually tried double penetration for the first time privately and it had a profound impact on her sexual habits for life. It was an experience that got her ready for the porn world, where it became one of her specialties. After graduation, Trina Michaels married her sweetheart and they have shared an open relationship ever since. Before entering the adult industry, she worked at a number of jobs. She was a professional wrestler, appearing on various female wrestling sites and she worked for wrestling companies like Xtreme Pro Wrestling as a manager, Women’s Extreme Wrestling, Naked Women’s Wrestling and other wrestling organizations.... Читать дальше



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