Micah Moore

Биография Micah Moore

Micah Moore is an all-American girl-next door pornstar who was born Oregon during 1987 She went to private school for 12 years and also to Catholic school. Micah Moore is of Native American, Russian, German and Irish descent. She loves to skateboard and is a real pro because she can’t seem to pass a driving test according to published reports. She is a vegan who loves tofu with ketchup. Micah is five feet eight inches tall and her breasts are an all natural size 34A. She credits her vegetarian lifestyle and Pilates classes for helping her to maintain that tight little body and round luscious ass, which she feels is her best physical feature. Micah Moore loves getting tattoos and has many of them. She has a circle tattoo on her hip, a band around her arm, a chain and heart lock around her left ankle, and an Arab script on her back which translates as: “Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” Micah Moore always had a passion for tattoos and growing up, she liked guys with tattoos and tight jeans.... Читать дальше



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