Sammie Rhodes

Биография Sammie Rhodes

Sammie Rhodes was born in New Haven, Connecticut and is a Caucasian American woman. With blonde hair and blue eyes, she was born under the sign of Scorpio according to the astrological charts. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds making her quite petite. She has a body measurement of 32D-27-36 and is all natural without any breast implants. She has a tattoo that wraps around from her right hip to the middle of her back. Her body piercings include her nipples, tongue, left nostril and her navel. She has gone by a few alias names since being in the adult industry including Samantha Rhodes, Sammy Rhodesgirl, Sami, Sammie, Sammy Rhodes and Sammi Rhodes. She got involved in the adult industry in 2004 when she was in her early twenties. One of her first movies was for DVSX studios and was called "Uniform Babes" which was directed by Joe Friday. The entire movie is themed around sexy girls wearing various uniforms. Her scene was the second one and she is dressed in a nurses uniform and her scene partner is Cheyne Collins.... Читать дальше



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