Taylor Rain

Биография Taylor Rain

Taylor Rain is a former pornstar who was born in 1981 in Long Beach, California. In December of 2005, Taylor Rain retired from performing in front of the XXX cameras and made the tough decision to direct films instead, while focusing on starting a family and foregoing her chance to get double penetrated by big dicks in porn films for a living. Taylor remains very active behind the scenes and she loves her fans, which is why she has tried to make herself very accessible via feature dancing performances, adult entertainment event appearances and other live showcases that allow her to interact directly with the men and women who have made her a sexual icon. During her porn career, Taylor Rain has used several stage-names including Niki, Talor Rain and Nikki Star, but it's easy to find her because no matter what name she is using, she always has that same long soft brunette hair, a naturally beautiful face, a classic figure measuring 34-22-32 and that same intense sexual passion that leaves all her costars drained and all her fans entertained! Before getting into porn, Ms.... Читать дальше



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