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Sexy girls get into porn for all different reasons, but very few would honestly be fucking on film if they were asked to do it for free. Most see XXX action as a golden path to fame and fortune, but rare starlets like Jenna Presley fulfill the fantasies of men and women around the globe for much more personal reasons. That's why the intensity and intimacy of Jenna Presley porn movies has always been about as vibrant as any ever captured by hardcore adult entertainment producers. Jenna Presley was born in April of 1987 and comes from the appropriately named Chula Vista, CA which means "Beautiful View" in Spanish. That origin foreshadowed the gorgeous girl that Jenna would become eighteen years later. Chula Vista is located about 7 miles (11 km) from San Diego and also just 7 miles (11 km) from USA border with Mexico. That creates a rare mix of cultures, beauty, economic backgrounds and ethnicity. Being of mixed Caucasian and Latina heritage, Jenna has a big advantage growing up and found it easy to become a popular girl, by the time she was eighteen her natural beauty and winning personality had landed her stage time at some of the hottest adult clubs on the West coast.... Читать дальше



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