Gia Paloma

Биография Gia Paloma

Gia Paloma is a pornstar who is known for her aggressive hardcore performances. She was born in Diamond Bar, California during 1984 and is of pure Italian heritage. Coming from a typical suburban upbringing, she weighs 105 pounds and is five feet two inches tall. Her sultry look and full luscious lips have become trademarks of her XXX success. Growing up, she was charismatic and had a voracious appetite for sex. In fact, according to published reports, her parents weren’t at all surprised when they found out what she did for a living. Gia Paloma was very popular in school. She was mostly attracted to deviant guys and wild social lives. While getting good grades in school, she found the time to get involved in many sexual behaviors supposedly including gangbangs in her private life when she was just 18 years old! After high school graduation, she went on to community college, but quickly realized that the straight and narrow path wasn’t for her, so she began stripping at a local club.... Читать дальше



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