Sandra Romain

Биография Sandra Romain

Sandra Romain is a Romanian pornstar who was born during March of 1978 in the town of Timisoara. She has dark hair and eyes and she weighs 123 pounds. Her natural measurements are 36B-28-36 and she is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Growing up, she was quiet and didn’t like to be around a lot of people or attend many parties. However, as an adult, things have changed quite a bit since she discovered the exciting world of XXX porn and the lifestyle that often comes with it! Sandra Romain had a job working for a travel magazine before she started in porn. One day at work, she was bored and began looking through a porn magazine one of her coworkers had left on his desk. Her boss saw her and instead of reprimanding her, he said he had some contacts in the porn industry and he could help her be in that magazine if she wanted. The next thing she knew, she began working for an adult movie agency called Floyd Agency in 2003. Shortly afterwards, she made her debut in her first porn acting role in the movie “P.... Читать дальше



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