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Few pornstars in recent XXX history have had the impact on the sex videos fans see that Courtney Cummz has had. As a performer for nearly eight full years and a prolific porn Director later in her career, Courtney has been the focus of millions of cumshots and the expert producing top quality smut that has earned her films millions more from men and women all over the world. Born in December of 1981, Courtney Cummz is a Sagittarius from West Virginia. In her hometown she worked for a while as an Applebee's waitress before moving to Florida as a college coed. Her first nude job was one at an upscale nudist resort in Florida where she worked topless. The transition from mainstream to porn was fairly slow, as Courtney gradually made her down the path to hardcore stardom. Once Courtney discovered her own nudist tendencies, the road toward fucking on film was a very slippery one. During her time in college, Courtney studied Fashion Design and Marketing but she did not finish her degree. Instead a string of Hurricanes hit the Florida coast and slowed the tourism trade, causing her resort job to become much less profitable.... Читать дальше



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