Sophie Dee

Биография Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee is the sultry starlet that most porn fans mistakenly believe came from Australia. In fact she was born in the winter of 1984 in Carmarthen, South Wales and may now be the most famous Welsh pornstar ever to have her sweet pussy fucked or sucked in hardcore pornographic films. Entering the adult film industry in 2005, Sophie Dee has already created a portfolio that includes more than 330 feature length porn films, her own award winning website and hundreds of exclusive hardcore videos online that have earned her a reputation as one of the hottest and hardest working unsung sluts in porn history. As Sophie Dee has explained in several interviews published online, she has always been a slut. Some pornstars have had an event happen in their lives that opened their eyes to the excitement of promiscuous sex, others are in it just for a paycheck but the true whores like Sophie Dee admit they would likely be fucking and sucking in a parking lot behind the neighborhood pub for free if they had not made it in the exciting world of adult entertainment already.... Читать дальше



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