Kelly Wells

Биография Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells is a pornstar from Fulton, Illinois, born in May of 1984. Growing up, she had a lot of aspirations. She has said she wanted to be a poet, painter and dancer. She was also anti-social and stayed mostly to herself. Kelly liked being a private person and didn’t get out much. She describes herself as down to earth, quiet and laid back, wow have things ever changed for this dirty talking filthy fuck-puppet! Kelly Wells didn’t hang out with the popular crowd in school. For the first two years of high school, she was a good student, but that changed as she got older. She began to party and barely passed high school at all. Kelly had too much fun hanging out and being a rebel. Because the town she grew up in had a population of about 4,000 - she limited herself romantically and didn’t sleep around a lot. When she left high school, Kelly Wells dream was to become a film producer. She went to school for two years and studied psychology but that didn’t work out because she didn’t like it and never really applied herself.... Читать дальше



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