Leah Luv

Биография Leah Luv

Leah Luv is a blonde, all-American pornstar who was born in Long Beach, California during July of 1984. She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 114 pounds. Her measurements are 36A-24-34 and she is credited with making dental braces a popular part of porn performing for eighteen and nineteen year old sweethearts who have followed her now legendary examples in XXX action. Growing up, Leah Luv excelled at school. She describes herself as being a nerd and a huge geek. She was very intelligent and went to school every day, always turning in her homework on time. Leah Luv was also an honor roll student for 12 years according to interviews online. She worked at fast food restaurants and at an arcade place at the mall. During those early years, she had issues with her teeth and had to wear braces. The braces didn’t stop Leah Luv from entering the porn industry at the age of 19 in 2003. She was working as a dancer, but needed to make more money because she was allegedly diagnosed with cancer and she had to pay for her treatments.... Читать дальше



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