Luscious Lopez

Биография Luscious Lopez

Luscious Lopez is a dark-haired exotic Latina pornstar who was born in Santa Cruz, California during 1981. She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. Her sexy body measures 36B-24-38 and she is known for her intense orgasms on film in some of the sexiest female orgasm videos of the last few years. She has used several stage names in her porn career including Ana, Anita, Lucious Lopez, Luscious, Dasha and even Fabiola. Luscious Lopez worked at several jobs before starting her career in the porn business. She was a teacher and held a position in the health care industry. She is a trained artist and attended art school for six years where she studied painting, printmaking and digital art forms. It was during this time that she began modeling nude for drawing and photography classes. She loves diversity and working with colors and color combinations as well as intense black and white shots. Her passion is creating art whether she’s in the image or making it herself. Luscious Lopez is interested in work that is thought provoking or simply visually stimulating.... Читать дальше



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