Lacey Duvalle

Биография Lacey Duvalle

Lacey Duvalle is a stunning and well known black porn actress who is currently 29 years old. She was born in the spring of 1982 in Washington, D.C. Her rise in the world of xxx films was fast, then she took an extended break from the action and fans feared she had retired - but the sex videos Lacey made during her triumphant return remain among the best black sex movies ever made. Lacey Duvalle has appeared in 144 films and this 5 foot 3 inch tall busty lady has certainly caught the attention of many over the years as she continues to bring an exotic and erotic presence to the porn world through her exclusive studio contract xxx videos and various adult freelance work. Lacey may have been born in Washington, D.C., but she didn't stay there for long. She found herself in Los Angeles when she was a teen and her deep seeded California roots and casual attitude toward sex come through quite often in her demeanor and personality. Lacey Duvalle's porn career started quickly and she gained popularity almost immediately, though she originally began performing under the stage name Pebbles.... Читать дальше



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